Question - Are you male and over 50, or 40 with a family history? You may be at risk of prostate cancer. Discuss testing with your doctor now.

About Latrobe Valley Prostate Support Group

One of our main aims was to, as our Patron Ambassador David Parkin said, support each other and make sure we keep getting our check-ups and encouraging other men to do the same.

Also, our group can support men and their partners and families through this difficult time.

Our Mission Statement

To welcome all men, partners and families at this time of distress, providing support and information to help them through this period.


We do not charge a fee for membership. We welcome all men, their partners and other members of their family. Some men have prostate issues – not prostate cancer – they are welcome too.


One of our main aims is to encourage men of the Valley and Gippsland to be aware of the dangers of prostate cancer. Often there are very few symptoms, especially from the age of 50 onwards. We encourage men to have check-ups and blood tests for a range of health issues that men can be prone to. Nearly all men’s health problems, if caught early, can be treated very successfully, with good outcomes.

Positive Signs

Ten years ago, the Latrobe Valley had the highest death rate in Australia from prostate cancer. We are now rated at 6th or 7th in Australia. We hope we can continue to drive this statistic down.

Further Help

Photograph of Leanne Prosser, Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at Latrobe Regional Hospital
Leanne Prosser (image courtesy of PCFA)

Contact Leanne Prosser, the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse at Latrobe Regional Hospital. You can have a talk with her and discuss your options.

Leanne’s contact number is 03 5173 8500.